Artwork of Lauren Yang

Born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas, Lauren, 14 years old, is a Freshman of Dulles High school.  Lauren found a passion for the arts from an early age, starting art lessons at age 7 with Yaowu Zhang.

Throughout the years, Lauren has dabbled with different art media, such as graphite, color pencil, oil pastel, pen and ink, and charcoal, but end up reaching for my set of Prismacolors or graphite pencils to create most projects.

Lauren has won many awards in national/international art competitions which include National Celebrating Art Contest, Scholastic Art and Writing Contest.  Her art works were published on Teen Ink Printed Magazines.


image1 (7)

“Morning Melody”, Prismacolor Pencil

16″ x 14″, NFS


image2 (2)

“Harmony”, Prismacolor Pencil

9″ x 12″, NFS



“Dance with Music”, Prismacolor Pencil and Graphite

16″ x 16″, NFS


image1 (5)

“Growth”, Graphite

16″ x 24″, NFS

image1 (4)

“Grandpa’s Lily”, Prismacolor Pencil

12″ x 16″, NFS

image2 (3)

“Self Portrait”, Graphite

20″ x 16″, NFS

image2 (1)

“Mrs. Choejor”, Graphite

14″ x 16″, NFS