Artwork of Marie L. Dotson

A native of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Marie discovered her love of drawing and color early in school.  After winning awards in high school, her desire to choose a career in commercial art was founded.  She attended College of the Ozarks in Branson, Missouri.  Marie married and moved to the Gulf Coast where she enjoyed careers in newspaper graphic design and writer as well as an energy industry graphic artist.  After seminars in oil, watercolor, and acrylic she settled on a preference of watercolor although she still enjoys dabbling in the other mediums.  After she and her husband retired to Branson, MO, she enjoyed teaching watercolor and was active in the area art guides.  Relocation back to Texas has provided her once again with her beloved coastal scenes along with a mix of mountian country from memory and photograph.  Many of her paintings have sold from coast to coast and overseas.  She may be contacted by email:

“Galveston Beach”, Watercolor                                              “Elissa”, Watercolor


“Willie”, Watercolor “Dingy Repairs”, Watercolor


“Seashells on Mustang Island”, Watercolor

“Texas Shrimp Boats”, Watercolor


“Elk in Snowstorm”,   Watercolor

“Chipmunk at Work”, Watercolor