About Us

In 1985 The National Society of Artists (NSA) began as an off-shoot of the Santa Fe Guild of Fine Arts of which Gay Paratore was a charter member. In May of 1985. Officers were elected and with Gay Paratore as president, members chose the name, National Society of Artists.

Before the summer was over, NSA had launched their first National Show, was awarded non-profit status, and was restoring a donated church into an art center.

The first NSA National Show was held in this art center in February of 1986.  Unfortunately the building was torched by an unknown arsonist. Despite this NSA has always met once a month with demonstrations; had two shows a year; and sponsored workshops.

The National Society of Artists was designed to meet the needs of artist who worked in all media, rather than just one. It is a unifying force between artists of different media, styles, techniques, and outlooks. Earning signature membership has become a prestigious symbol of the organization’s growth. NSA has become a beacon on the horizon, charting a due course towards artistic excellence. NSA includes all the visual arts – photography, painting, drawing, computer-generated, sculpture. Through workshops, exhibitions, and competitions, NSA serves the professional and beginning artist, as well as the collector and anyone who enjoys seeing fine art. Click here to download our bi-laws and learn more about NSA.