Artwork of Shelia Mathisen

A native of the Houston/Bay Area since 1970, Shelia is a self-taught, professional artist who began to take an interest in art upon the death of her mother in 2003, using the power of art as an uplifting retreat.

Inspired by the beauty of the flora and fauna along the Gulf coast, seascape, birds, and people are among her favorite subjects.  Her personal favorite subject is art which is reflective of life in the San Juan mountains where she has spent prolonged periods each year observing their incredible beauty as an inspirational setting for her work.

Her works include watercolor, acrylic, oils, and charcoals.  She strives to create work which is thought provoking, yet simple, putting an emphasis on atmosphere.

She is often commissioned to paint portraits of beloved family members and pets. She has produced work under three different names:  Shelia Mathisen, Shelia Bess, and Shelia Scogin.


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