Artwork of Annette Clark

Annette Clark has a Masters in Art from the University of Nevada Reno

with undergraduate degrees in Art and Psychology she has worked as a Teacher, Graphic Designer, and Art Restoration Technician. Annette also attended Lamar University in Beaumont, followed by the University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida. University of Washington in Seattle.

The Artist enrolled in the Masters program in the University of Miami Art Education Department and became a teaching assistant under the direction of Ph.D. Mildred Landis, department head.   Annette later joined the Coral Gables/Dade County school district as an art teacher.   During that same period, she was painting and showing art at the “Paul Stevens Artist Unlimited Gallery” in Key West, Florida.

She was offered a work/study scholarship at the UNR so she moved to Reno and entered the Masters program University of Nevada at Reno.   After spending two years teaching Art at Reno High School, the offer of a more exciting job found ………her working for a major Advertising agency in Reno.     Annette loved Nevada and became fascinated with the Gaming industry and logically moved her art toward the Gambling and Racing series.   She was painting mostly oils and sculpting in wood, Plexiglas and Bronze and did commissions for several casinos in Reno & Las Vegas.

Annette got a call from her father to come to Alaska and join his Construction Company as a sub contractor on the Trans Alaska Pipeline.   60 degrees below zero weather, was an experience that most people find hard to believe but it added a new dimension to the art she produced in Alaska.   With the help of the “Artique Gallery” in Anchorage Annette continued to work and show her Sculptor and Paintings throughout Alaska, including involvement in the Art Program and shows at the University of Alaska.

AClark1 GulfCoastArtOil2A

“A Clark 1”

“Gulf Coast Art”


ls1 queenofHearts

“Queen of Hearts” 


BelRoadPelicanA 4pelicansclosetalkers

“Bel Road Pelican”

“4 Pelican Close Talkers”


2horses5arm copy oilFieldLandscape

“2 Horses 5 Arm”

 “Oil FieldLandscape”