Artwork of Doug Hiser

Doug Hiser is a professional Wildlife Artist, Bestselling Author, Naturalist Guide, world traveler, Art Show Judge, and Art Teacher.  He attended University of Houston Clear Lake (UHCL) graduating as Student of the Year 1996 and then received his highest Honor in 2012 at UHCL as Distinguished Alumni.  After a career in art and writing, Hiser now judges art shows, and continues to turn out many works of art for gallery shows and competitions, and was 2015 Teacher of the Year, helping his students learn about animals and conservation while teaching them the joy and his passion of the Fine Arts.

Zebra Pool Hiser

“Zebra Pond”, Watercolor

14″ x 20″,  $1500

Rhino Namibia Hiser

“Rhino Nambia”, Ink

11″ x 14″, $500

Silver Hornbills Hiser

“Silver Hornbills”, Graphite

16″ x 20″, $500

Galapagos Iguanas Hiser

“Galapagos Iguanas”, Ink

16″ x 20″, $500

Aussie Kookaburras Hiser

“Aussie Kookaburras”, Watercolor

11″ x 14″, $500

Jaguar Pantanal Hiser

“Jaguar Pantanal”, Watercolor

11″ x 14″, $1500

Tapir Brazil Hiser

“Tapir Brazil”, Watercolor

16″ x 20″, $1000

Oryx Arabian Hiser

“Oryx Arabian”, Mixed Media

16″ x 20″

Lion Queen Hiser

“Lion Queen”, Ink

16″ x 20″, $500

African Eagle Hiser

“African Eagle”, Ink

12″ x 14″, $750