Artwork of Lindy Fortenberry, NSA

Lindy Fortenberry has had an interest in art, especially drawing and painting, since childhood.  Several women in her family who were painters, as well as her third grade teacher were inspirations to her.  She remembers her her first oil painting, a portrait of a clown, done when she was 8 years old using her aunt’s paints and easel.  The thrill of painting and smell of that paint and turpentine never left her memories.

She began to pursue painting as a hobby in her mid-20s, benefiting from training provided by Mr. Tom Porter, a Texas artist who had received his formal training in the Old Masters technique in Europe.  A career with NASA and motherhood consumed much of her time for many years.  Since retirement, Lindy has dedicated more time to her art and has branched out into other mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, graphite, and Prismacolor pencils.

Lindy lives in Houston, Texas, and Estes Park, Colorado. She has studied with a number of Texas artists, including Dalhart Windberg, Shirley Leago, George Gonzales, Gay Paratore, and Cecy Turner.  In Colorado, she paints with the Estes Park Plein Air Painters and has studied with Colorado artists William Scott Jennings, Margaret Jensen, and Karen Ramsay.


Big-Horn-Ram,-Prismacolor-P Morning-Mists,-Oil,-20x24

“Big Horn Ram”, Prismacolor Pencil,   8 x 10


“Morning Mists”, Oil, 18 x 24



April's Tulips, Oil, 30x40

“Red Rock Country”, Oil,    11 x 14


“April’s Tulips”, Oil, 30 x 40




“Happy Hog”, Prismacolor Pencil,         9 x 12


“Partly Cloudy”, Oil,   11 14



Floral with Green Box, Oil, 24x30

“Floral with Green Box”, Oil,     20 x 24


“Below the Falls”, Oil,    11 x 14





Strutting-his-Stuff Mountain Summer, Watercolor, 6x9

“Strutting His Stuff”, Oil,           16 x 20


“Mountain Summer”, Watercolor,        

6 x 9